Beautiful Warriors

Feeling Wall ~ Aarjayh
1 min readJun 21, 2020


How beautiful it is to know yourself truly, decoding your each cell present in the body.
How brave it is to fight for it, to fight for the life worth living.
Freeing yourself from the cage made of societal judgements and sowing the seeds of love, compassion, freedom and peace.
I’m no different, I’m just like you, the only difference is I am neither black nor white I am colourful. And it was surely not easy to identify these colours, it took time and courage to accept myself.
It was draining and painful but in the end, I discovered myself for real.

I apologized and forgave myself for not listening and being ignorant. And then I hugged myself when most of the people refused to embrace the soul I am.
I’m a lion no matter how many times I fall I will alway rise. I will live a life worth living. 🌈❤️

Dedicated to my colourful warriors




Feeling Wall ~ Aarjayh

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