Journey of Hatred To Obsessesion

I started stalking you because I loathed you, I couldn’t rationalize the way you portrayed yourself in this world. I found you fake and mysterious. And I wanted to find that chest which you had secluded from this world and that made me curious to dig you deeper. Maybe what I thought of you at first glance nobody else felt the same way and I wanted to know how I have evaluated you so that I could rate my intuition.

And I observed you like an artist, like a researcher, created a replica in the darkest corner of my heart. And unknowingly while digging I found a secluded chest. When I opened it, some dark matter engulfed me and everything is blur since that day.

I feel you so deeply that I felt my skin behind for yours, hypnotized by every cell of yours. Now when I look into the mirror all I see is you. I’m you now.