Oh! Woman

Feeling Wall ~ Aarjayh
2 min readMay 10, 2020

It is more than giving birth to a child,
There are many obstacles in the journey called life.
There is a hustle between body, mind and emotions,
A woman is deep and mysterious like an ocean.
The feeling of being a mother,
Blooms deep within the heart.
When she learns to play with her dolls,
She blows life into things she touches through her soul.
When she starts taking care of her younger baby siblings,
By scolding and teaching important lessons from her innocence.
Experimenting with various spices of her curious mind,
Cooking assorted delicacies for her friends and fam.
When she sows seeds of her favourite flower,
Trust me, she looks after it like a mother.
When she learns to empathize and feeds the hunger,
She feels like a wonder woman.
When on ‘that day of the month’ she chooses to smile,
She sacrifices herself to brighten everyone’s life,
Being a woman is a blessing in disguise.
A gorgeous warrior draped in the colors of life,
Struggling with the swamp and raising towards the rays of light.
A woman is like a sacred lotus,
Winning everyone’s heart with her grace and power.
A woman is a free soul and art,
Spreading the vibes through her sublime heart.
Oh! mother, I salute your strength,
You’re a divine wealth.



Feeling Wall ~ Aarjayh

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