See beyond

From the day we are born to the day we die, we see things that others want us to see. We’re insects trapped in the web of propaganda. We’re segregated by religion, color, caste, status and whatnot. And a vessel is created for us accordingly.

We’re born awakened but, the smoke of illusion makes us close our eyes. We’re born limitless but, we are raised to be limited. And we mould ourselves into the vessel, we are told that it is made just for us. And when we refuse to fit, we are called misfits, we are bullied because we have different vessels or maybe we don’t want any vessel, we’re rainbow and we float.

Imagine a life without a vessel, imagine a life without gravity called propaganda, which tries hard to pull us down, imagine a life without strings attached to the brain & actions that are driven by instigation. Imagine opening the real eyes and seeing the world in high definition.