It’s a feeling that I can’t explain. You know it’s something like when you open your arms and I slide in, it feels like I’m in a cave which is snug and safe.

When I peek inside and look at the walls, I see no glitter and gold; Instead, it’s the wisdom, integrity, values and love that makes it so deep like an infinite universe is waiting for someone to dive in. And the spices you have infused in the cave, makes me feel so warm and cozy like I’m in a womb, like life is blooming unfolding thousand petals of the lotus and it’s like the beginning of everything. When I’m in you it’s like I’m absolute. This place is grounded, your arms, when you spread wide like wings of an angel, they are so gentle and soft that my soul melts away.

You’re my safe place, it feels like I’m home. 🤍

egalitarian. psychic. animal lover. esoteric. artist. gypsy soul. INFJ 🌈