When I see him playing the piano, something happens to my heart. The rush of blood travelling all across my body, pumping my heart so fast that my breath gets distracted with her rhythm of breathing.
His hands, his fingers are so beautiful, the way he caresses the keys, that tender touch, that exquisite nudge, sometimes I wish I were his sound and my heart and soul were his keys, and he is playing devotedly to communicate love with me.
I am so much in love with every atom that belongs to him. The warmness that is diffused from an incandescent light bulb that’s how I feel when I am around him. Oh! God, I have felt him so profoundly that my heart and soul leaves my body and stays with his to create an alchemy.
I have seen him beyond his skin, I have felt him beyond his flaws but those flaws belong to him so how can I not have a special place for them as well. His mind is like the sky with zillions of stupefying stars. Every time I explore him he astonishes me and I feel he’s so vast, vast like the universe that pulls me like a magnet. If I am Yin he is my Yang. He keeps me balanced. He is that part of the puzzle which completes me perfectly.




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Feeling Wall ~ Aarjayh

Feeling Wall ~ Aarjayh


egalitarian. psychic. animal lover. esoteric. artist. gypsy soul. INFJ 🌈