You Know It

Feeling Wall ~ Aarjayh
1 min readApr 6, 2020
Beautiful sun rays, clouds and trees at the bank of the river, spending time on Sunday afternoon in Siri at Koti Kere, Karnataka.

When everything outside you seems interesting and not inside, you know it; you’re trapped in the illusion.

When you hate someone so much that it affects your mental peace, you know it; you lack empathy.

When you judge someone and talk about their flaws all the time, you know it; you’re in pain and you don’t value your time.

When you blame others for your failures and cry all the time, you know it; you need to grow to become wise.

When you’re in a relationship and you want things to be according to you, you know it; you’re a toxic person.

When you’re busy and not able to manage time for self, you know it; you don’t love yourself.

When you always agree upon other’s opinion to please them, you know it; you haven’t found yourself yet.

When you care about the taste and get the animals killed, you know it; you’re a slave of your tongue.

When you exhaust resources of this planet earth and don’t give back, you know it; you’re a selfish uncivilized human being!



Feeling Wall ~ Aarjayh

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