Just a thought;

What if this planet belongs to plants, tree, animals, birds, wind, earth and everything alive, and our role has always been to nourish, guard and protect them. But instead we thought ourselves as a superior being and started suppressing them, feeding them to our egos, which is now full of diseases and obesity.

I’m sure whoever made us must be full of regrets.

It’s a feeling that I can’t explain. You know it’s something like when you open your arms and I slide in, it feels like I’m in a cave which is snug and safe.

When I peek inside and look at the walls, I see no glitter and gold; Instead, it’s…

From the day we are born to the day we die, we see things that others want us to see. We’re insects trapped in the web of propaganda. We’re segregated by religion, color, caste, status and whatnot. And a vessel is created for us accordingly.

We’re born awakened but, the…

We're a soul living in a temporary body, dipped in feelings and emotions. And the ocean is life, a vast, deep, full of mysteries and enticement. We all are lured, but the choice is always ours.

We are lone voyagers going somewhere, and in the end, we all meet on the same shore. Some, holding the hollow, broken glass of karma and some with the hallowed glass filled with the nectar; remember I told you we all have choices to make.

We're being watched, our conscience is being watched and we get what we've earned throughout the voyage. 🌊🌠

Sometimes thing’s are more clear when seen through blurred eyes…

How beautiful it is to know yourself truly, decoding your each cell present in the body.
How brave it is to fight for it, to fight for the life worth living.
Freeing yourself from the cage made of societal judgements and sowing the seeds of love, compassion, freedom and peace.
I’m no…


It is more than giving birth to a child,
There are many obstacles in the journey called life.
There is a hustle between body, mind and emotions,
A woman is deep and mysterious like an ocean.
The feeling of being a mother,
Blooms deep within the heart.
When she learns to play with her dolls,
She blows…

Upside down life
This is how we are living… We’re living Upside Down

“ mind was the real source of my sufferings, not the people or situations I was encountering.”

Nithya Shanti

Beautiful sun rays, clouds and trees at the bank of the river, spending time on Sunday afternoon in Siri at Koti Kere, Karnataka.

When everything outside you seems interesting and not inside, you know it; you’re trapped in the illusion.

When you hate someone so much that it affects your mental peace, you know it; you lack empathy.

When you judge someone and talk about their flaws all the time, you know it…

Feeling Wall ~ Aarjayh

egalitarian. psychic. animal lover. esoteric. artist. gypsy soul. INFJ 🌈

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